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Magnetude Jewelry is not only fashionable, interchangeable and beautiful, it is designed with your health in mind!

Our special bio-magnets are the strongest on the planet (4000 gauss), they attach our tudes to our bases. These rare earth bio-magnets have the ability to increase your cellular energy to help counteract the harmful effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields). We are constantly exposed to a sea of EMFs from cell phones, cell towers, wifi, satellites and more.

Magnetude Jewelry not only has these healthy bio-magnets to help, we have also embedded Infrared, Negative ion and Germanium energy frequencies into the backs of all our bases. All these elements help to increase blood flow, increase cellular strength, decrease pain, decrease inflammation, increase vitality, and improve quality of sleep.

I am so grateful for this opportunity in more ways than one. Being a part of this adventure has given me more confidence in how I look, feel and how I see myself.

I LOVE hearing about how our products are helping our customers look and feel their best!!


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